Territories of Memory
League of Human Rights of Belgium
Cultural Presence and Action
Sandrine Tenaud, graphic designer who signed the poster
Association Solidaridad Sin Fronteras Brussels
Film and Audiovisual Center of the French Community of Belgium
Cervantes Institute of Brussels
Association Peña Andaluza de Liège
Archives of the Center of Historical Memory of Salamanca (MCU)
Association Foro por la Memoria
Emilio Silva’s Blog
Marcos Ana’s blog
Association of former prisoners and oppressed anti-Francoist politicians.
Aranzadi Science Society
National Queen Sofia Museum
Initiative for the recovery of the Historical Memory. Database of victims of Franco’s repression.
Ministry of Culture – General Directorate of State Archives
The website of the Ministry of the Presidency of the Spanish Government on the law of historical memory and its legislative development.
The Ministry of Justice website devoted to the Historical Memory Act
Blog of Miguel “ngel Rodríguez Arias on the impunity of the crimes of the Franco regime against humanity, and the” historical memory “in Spain Miguel” ngel Rodríguez Arias is Professor of International Criminal Law and author of the book El caso de los niños perdidos del franquismo: Crimen contra the humanidad.
Association for the recovery of the Historical Memory