Emilio Silva

Founder of the L’ARMH

Born in 1966. Graduate in sociology and journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he currently lives. In 2000, Emilio Silva found the exact location of the pit where his grandfather and twelve other people were murdered in 1937 by the Francoists. With the help of archaeologists, a medical examiner and volunteers, he exhumed the remains of those nicknamed “The thirteen of Priaranza”. A few months later, he created the Association for the Rehabilitation of Historical Memory (ARMH), the first collective to come to the aid of the families of the disappeared seeking to find their loved ones murdered and thrown in mass graves by the Francoists. Very quickly, the Spanish press seized these stories. It is the beginning of the insurrection against oblivion … In 2002, the association founded by Emilio Silva presents itself to the UN so that Spain investigates the disappearances of civilians during the civil war and the dictatorship. Today, the ARMH is one of the main actors in the process of recovering the memory of the victims of the Franco regime in Spanish society.