Best TV Mobile Apps to Download This Year

With online streaming of TV shows and movies, there are apps that one can download on their smartphones, whether iOS or Android which will allow one to see a variety of entertainment, either free or with a nominal subscription price. Here are some apps that have gained popularity in this category.

When choosing the best apps in the TV mobile category, services need to offer both TV shows and movies along with content that can be downloaded for offline viewing. Each service needs to offer deals on content and provide full HD content as an option. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the favorite for most, a service that was launched even before its competitor Netflix. It offers a free trial period of 30 days; the quantity of movies available is over 30,000 and TV shows are about 5000. It is available for Android and iOS devices and offers downloadable content for offline viewing as well.


Netflix app cannot be ignored as its popularity remains on the rise. There are several original productions that are trending these days; along with that there is a large library of shows and movies; the app provides a free trial for 30 days after which one needs to take up a subscription plan.


Vudu is an app that is brought in by Walmart in the space of downloadable and streaming media. There are certain unique features that it offers a mix of TV shows and movies that makes it popular among online users at present.

Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV app has updated its features and has much to offer among third party sources. The movies here are priced similar to iTunes, which makes it the perfect choice for Android mobile device users. 


For Apple device users iTunes is the ideal platform to go for movies and TV shows. It offers HD to 4K content; for older devices, the max resolution supported is 1080p. iPhones are able to support HDR movies as well. iTunes also combines YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud that make it possible to find more content, even free streaming of several popular shows.