A list of my favorite movies – enjoy!

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We all love watching movies, so much so that sometimes we even run out of ideas for what to watch. That’s when we look to others for recommendations, when we’ve watched all of the movies on our own ‘to watch’ lists. So that’s why I’ve composed a list of my favourite movies for you to enjoy.


Have a read, and if any catch your eye, or if you haven’t seen any of them, they’re definitely worth a watch!


V for Vendetta


This is probably top on my list of favourite films. It’s the perfect film if you like to be kept guessing, and enjoy a bit of politics and philosophy.


Set in a fascist London, we see police corruption and oppression of the people by the government. This is where V comes in, a terrorist in the eyes of the fictional British government, but a freedom fighter for the people, fighting the government to make a better world for the masses.


It’s a film that makes you think. You can’t help but both fear and admire the potential of humanity. We see the potential cruelty of man through the corruption of police and government officials, and their terror tactics. But then we see, as if for the first time, the beauty of human arts, literature and music, in a world where these things aren’t a part of the ordinary, and aren’t taken for granted.


Little Miss Sunshine


This is a slightly more unusual choice, but it’s the kind of film that will always cheer you up. It centres around a dysfunctional family, including a drug using, foul mouthed grandpa, a 7 year old beauty contestant, her depressed uncle and her brother who has taken a vowel of silence. Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen, but whilst there’s a fair share of chaos and disaster within the film, you end up loving each character individually and the family as a whole. They may not be the ideal family but they all need each other.


The best part about this film though, is undoubtedly its humour. You won’t be able to help but laugh out loud, it’s a true feel good film, and maybe the reason we love it so much is because it doesn’t glorify family life at all – it’s brutally honest.


The plot focuses on the family driving 7 year old Olive across the U.S.A to California, so that she can compete in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ – a beauty pageant. Olive is the complete opposite of what you might expect though. With circle specs and an attitude inherited from her Grandpa, she’s completely different from the other young contenders, but we love her for it.


It’s one of the most realistic comedies you’ll ever watch, and one of the funniest.


The Breakfast Club


Another feel good movie that’s definitely worth a watch. The breakfast club transports us all back to our high school years with teenage angst, attitude, friendships and laughter. Despite being made in the 80s, it’s one of those movies that will never get old. Plus, the catchy soundtrack will get stuck in your head for days.


In this movie we see a bunch of teenagers forced together in detentions that seem to them to last forever. Rather than the classic 80s teen movies which tended to focus on the popular groups, the cliques, we instead see a room full of misfits. Each has their own problem, but in the detention group they all address their own issues, and bond through winding up their head teacher. It’s the perfect movie about friendship, as complete strangers come together, by the end of the movie seeming as close as old friends. It’s the perfect movie to put you in a feel good, summer feeling.


A Clockwork Orange


If you like controversy, this is the perfect movie for you. This film is one of the most brutally violent and explicit films you’ll ever watch. But the point is that it’s satirical.


This is one of the only non-fantastical movies that completely transports you to a whole new world. You’ll find yourself picking up on the Nadsat language that’s used alongside English, and even after watching the film, you’ll find Nadsat terms popping into your mind.


It’s such a powerful movie, as it causes us to question our own morals, as we find funny what we shouldn’t, and sympathize with characters that, technically we should hate. It takes the familiar and makes with it a world that’s so far from our own that we name it ‘bizarre’.


We start the film with Alex and his friends in a ‘milk bar’ getting high, something that already has us chuckling, but then the movie quickly takes a dark turn as they move from the bar to a night of ‘ultraviolence’. We see scenes of murder, violence, and even rape. It’s all horrific, but somehow we find ourselves backing Alex throughout the film.


The ultimate question that’s left hanging at the end of the movie is one that makes the whole film resonate – if a man ceases to be able to choose, does he cease to be a man? This makes us think about our ability to choose in our own lives, and makes us question our very system of morality. Maybe we’re all just ‘clockwork oranges’ – machine men.


Silence of the Lambs


This is one that lots of people will consider a classic, and for good reason. Anthony Hopkins’ take on Thomas Harris’ Hannibal is one of the best pieces of acting you’ll ever see, and as a result we’re drawn into the movie, gripped and captivated by his performance and the eerie storyline. Despite being nearly 30 years old, this is a movie that will continue to chill and scare generations for years to come.


The film sees Clarice Starling, a student of the FBI academy, pulled in to help Jack Crawford with a case. She is asked to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the infamous fictional cannibal, and when he takes a liking to her personality, she is stuck being used as bait, so that the FBI can continue to draw information from Hannibal. As you can imagine, things get dark pretty quickly.