Tips & Tricks to Watch Movies Safely

There are several online sites that offer movies for download or streaming online. However, in most cases, one is required to pay for a subscription soon enough for downloading or watching one’s favorite content. Though there are sites that offer the latest or old movies for free download or streaming, often such sites include spyware or annoying ads that pop up. Other issues faced are a poor resolution, frequent buffering and spurious pop-up sites that keep interrupting one’s viewing.

Here are some well-known sites and services that help people to watch movies in a safe manner. What’s more, most of them have a free trial service or period that enables one to watch or download their favorite movies without paying the subscription prices.

Choose Legal Sites and Apps for Streaming

With online TV and movie streaming being an increasing trend these days, there is little wonder that more apps and websites make such content legally. Gone are the days when one had to depend on torrent services to find and download the latest or classic movies and hope that the resolutions would be right; in certain cases connections would be poor or one would discover files that are corrupt.

Secure Streaming via VPN

A virtual private network is a secure option to connect to the internet. Though it is usually opted for by businesses that have dedicated network administration in place, many online VPN services provide a way to stream TV shows and movies in a more secure way. Once you know what is a VPN, you will have no problem streaming your favorite shows. Unblock your favorite streaming service and start watching movies now! Even when you are away from home of travelling in another country.

Take Advantage of Trial Periods

Most of streaming platforms and apps have trial periods of 7 to 30 days. Use the trial period to test the available apps. With the following apps and sites you are guaranteed a safe way to watch your favorite movies smoothly and in high definition:


This service is currently high on everybody’s list, not only for the movie content it offers in several international languages but also for the myriad of television shows and original productions that are filmed exclusively for this platform. It also offers a free trial of 30 days which can be a good period to cram in enough movies and television shows of your choice. 


This is another app and site that is known for TV shows and documentaries but also has a good selection of popular movies. It is offered free of charge for a seven day trial period.

Amazon Prime

This platform was the forerunner for online TV and movie shows. It has also several award-winning productions that were filmed and produced by Amazon studios. Like Netflix, it also offers a generous 30 days trial period which comes at zero cost, allowing customers to stream and download content across movies and TV shows of different genres.


This website, as well as app, has been around for a long time and besides all kinds of audiovisual content, it has been a platform for illegal films to be watched as well. However, YouTube is partnered with certain movie studios that enable movies to be showcased on this platform and can be watched for free. Though the free platform has ads in it, it ensures secure streaming. Downloads and streaming without ads are possible with the premium account, subscription plan that YouTube has launched recently. 


HBO Now is a service that has been around, long before Amazon Prime and Netflix in several countries. It is a spinoff from the popular TV channel to showcase their original productions and shows. Today it is available as a dedicated channel or app that offers a free trial of 7 days. Viewers can find content for mature entertainment such as Game of Thrones, which was its original TV show; there are popular movies for streaming or download as well. 


This is one service that comes for free. It has a wide selection of old classic movies and most of them are free and can be streamed with good quality. However, the downside is that one needs to bear up with intermittent ads. It is a service provided by Sony Pictures.


If you have kids in the house, you would want to download this app. It is a service that provides a free trial period of seven days; whether you use it during the free period or after that, it is a safe and secure platform that has most of the kids’ entertainment shows and movies. It also has streaming options for adults.

It is important that your online entertainment remains safe. That’s why the above mentioned services are your best bets, whether you wish to watch movies at home or the TV shows on the go.