Future of movie industry: Viewing experience like never before

When it comes to flourishing businesses, there’s one thing in common: a robust pool of customers. The movie industry is no exception. Today, moviegoers have lots of alternate entertainment options including streaming services, shortened release windows and big-screen home theaters. Thus, it has become immensely crucial for theater chains to come up with more enhanced audience experience than what it offers today and which the viewers won’t be able to experience anywhere apart from theaters. This is the only way to ensure the audience continues watching movies in the theaters in future.

3D has already become a household name and 4D, 5D, 7D and 9D are now appearing to woo the world of cinegoers. What do these actually mean and how do they impact viewing experience? Let’s have a quick rundown.

4D It incorporates physical motion of things around the viewers and the seat they’re sitting on, along with the effects of a 3D movie.

5D 5D cinema is one step ahead of 4D. It offers effects of 4D movies coupled with various special effects such as water droplets, smoke effects, wind etc.

7D It’s an interactive form of cinema. You can use a toy gun to shoot the monsters. Though relatively new, this format not only makes the audience engagement stronger but even more exciting and more immersive at the same time.

9D In this format, viewers only need to wear VR glasses and step into the world of movies. It eliminates the fine line between the real and virtual world and sets viewing experience a class apart.

The “wow” factor

The movie industry has never failed to surprise its viewers with introduction of innovations that made movie viewing a pleasant and cherishable experience. People flock to watch these advanced formats on the big screens as there’s more to it than regular 3D ones, which can be commonly seen in the theaters. Alluring special effects like moving seats, water sprays, foam sprays etc make the entire experience more interesting and immersive than ever. The movie durations are quite shorter, thus paving way for more shows each day, making these viable options for theater owners. In addition, the seating capacity can easily accommodate small families to have fun together, making it a perfect option to consider in multiplexes, malls, exhibitions and public places where people often gather in large numbers with friends and family. These formats don’t need huge spaces to work with, which substantiates the fact that there’s no need for big capital investment.

The key reason behind the increasing success of these formats is the fact that these allow the audience to feel as if they’re an integral part of the film. The experience offers more for the viewers’ minds to ogle at, experience, which in turn encourage them for a return visit. For investors, more shows are synonymous to more revenue and because of the short duration of these formats, running the same films can earn them more revenue. In addition, people who walk out of the theater will be talking about the amazing experience, which would help in word-of-the-mouth publicity and act as free advertisement for the theater owners and investors without the need of spending an additional dime.

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